Shorty Yoga is Los Angeles’ first (and only) dedicated kids yoga studio that helps children of all ages find joy, chill and awesomeness… and now you can bring Shorty to your school!

Kid Yoga for Preschools, Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

+ during and after school programming
+ 45 minute kid yoga classes
+ daily, weekly or special events/fundraising
+ customized programming to meet the need of your school
+ secular, modern yoga classes with a dash of mindfulness
+ certified instructors
+ full coverage insurance

Studies show the amazing benefits of a regular yoga practice for kids of all ages

+ improves academic performance and classroom behavior
+ reduces anxiety and provides stress relief
+ enhances physical ability (body movement, body awareness, strength, endurance, aerobic capacity)
+ fosters a sense of community and belonging in a healthy, non-competitive group

“Give your students the gift of a regular yoga practice, and promote a lifetime of joy, chill and awesomeness!”

For more info
[email protected]
424 646 3330