Mamastay | Pre-Crawlers, Crawlers + Walkers (<2)

just like it says. mama, stay… and get your namaste on! rad dads, super nannies, cool aunts or any other awesome caretaker stay too! this one is geared towards the grown-ups while incorporating and introducing the smallest of shorties to the world of yoga (or just THE world for that matter). stretch those tired limbs, soak up some sweet tunes, and rejuvenate your spirit while you connect with your little sidekick. now this is living.

Kid Yoga | Ages 2-4

ah, the preschoolers. so much energy to unleash. so much to still figure out. seriously, how do they even function?  cue kid yoga. with a lively soundtrack and imaginative games, your munchkin will practice basic yoga poses while developing improved balance, body movement, and self-control. but, yeah, still so super fun that they won’t even notice all that well-being stuff. that will be our little secret.

Kid Yoga | Ages 5+

dope kids do downward dog. elementary school kids will flip for this engaging, accessible yoga class infused with a kick of dance party and a dash of mindfulness.  it’s fun, it’s athletic, and it doesn’t require sunscreen and orange slices for the whole team. side effects may include a lifelong love of yoga. file this under “stuff i wish was around when i was a kid.”

Big Shorties | Ages 10+ (Tween/Teen)

teens and tweens — y’all need your own space, we get that. parents — your kid has hit the double digits and life is starting to get real(ish). now there’s a real need to connect with him/herself. this is a challenging, invigorating and fun class in a format made just for molding a totally inclusive community of kind, empowered, mini adults. have a boy who thinks yoga is for girls? repeat after us, “son, if yoga is cool enough for LeBron, it’s cool enough for you.”


In-Person Private Sessions

+ at-home, indoor or outdoor private yoga sessions (Kid Yoga, Mamastay and Big Shorties available)
+ 45 minutes of one-on-one instruction 
+ $120 per session 
+ flexible scheduling, available weekdays and weekends
+ call  424-646-3330 or email [email protected] to schedule!

Semi-Private Pods

+ at-home, indoor or outdoor, semi-private yoga classes for small groups of 2-4 children, brought to you by our awesome instructors
+ 45 minute Shorty group class experience in the comfort and safety of your own home
+ $145 per session for up to 4 students, just +$25 per additional student
+ available for all ages (Kid Yoga, Mamastay and Big Shorties)
+ flexible scheduling, available weekdays and weekends
+ call  424-646-3330 or email [email protected] to schedule!


Group Classes

+ weekly kid yoga classes in partnership with the City of Beverly Hills Parks and Recreation at ROXBURY PARK
+ multi-week series of 45 minute in-person Shorty group classes (indoors)
+ available for the following ages: Kid Yoga | Ages 2-4 and Kid Yoga | Ages 5+
+ discount available for Beverly Hills residents
+ for class dates and times visit our SCHEDULE page
+ email [email protected] for more info or visit and search “shorty” to register!

!!! Stay tuned for additional group classes and events throughout the L.A. area !!!

Virtual Sessions

+ 45 minute private sessions via Zoom (Kid Yoga, Mamastay and Big Shorties available)
+ $100 per session (or for  a semi-private session with friends in a different household, just +$10  per additional family/Zoom login)
+ available for all ages
+ flexible scheduling, available weekdays and weekends
+ call  424-646-3330 or email [email protected] to schedule!