Kids do yoga? Yes, yes, yes!  So fun for them, yet so much more.
Studies have shown the amazing benefits of a regular yoga practice for kids of all ages.
Here is just a shortlist of how your child can benefit from Shorty Yoga, both on and off the mat:

+ reduces anxiety and provides stress relief
+ enhances physical ability (body movement, body awareness, strength, endurance, aerobic capacity)
+ refines balance and coordination (gross and fine motor coordination)
+ increases confidence and positive self-image
+ improves academic performance and classroom behavior
+ maximizes development of social and emotional competence
+ improves concentration, focus and memory
+ helps develop better self control
+ improves symptoms of ADHD
+ promotes mindfulness and time to disconnect from technology
+ provides tools for practicing compassion, cooperation and generosity
+ fosters a sense of community and belonging in a healthy, non-competitive group

Impressive, right?  Give your kids the gift of a regular yoga practice, and promote a lifetime of joy, chill and awesomeness!

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